A Bird and a Book 

Shannon Carlton

So last week, I came home to a chirping bird. Dang thing was super loud and I realized quickly it was on my porch, hanging on a strand of lights we have up near the ceiling. The poor bird kept flying into to screen above the opened door. About 6 inches down from where the bird kept running into the screen was his way out. But he simply couldn’t see it. Then my teenager came home. She wanted to help the bird, so she opened the slider and went out to the porch (she’s a teenager, so you know she left the slider open.) Next thing I know the dang bird is flying around in my house. It kept going from room to room, trying to find a way out with Shelby and I chasing it toward a door. We kept the slider open, opened the front door and ran around the house like crazy people shutting all the bedroom doors. Meanwhile, you know I was talking to the bird. Telling him how to get out of my house. Showing him the exits. I’m unsure how the bird couldn’t understand what I was saying. I was being super clear AND using hand gestures to indicate the exits. Shelby and I shoed and cajoled and the bird kept flying into the kitchen windows….the closed kitchen windows. Then I opened the kitchen windows, popped out the screen and still the bird flew into the unopened top window. We finally got said bird into the room with the open front door, so of course he flew into the window above the open door. GEESH! Like 6 inches down is freedom! 6 inches down to a whole new life outside of my home. Away from fear and 2 screaming women. Finally, after about 10 minutes of hilarity and yelling, the bird flew out of the house alive! How often are we like that bird? Doing what we have always done and staying stuck where we have always been because of fear, because all we see is what is right in front of us, instead of all the possibilities? The way to a much bigger life, the way through our current circumstance is simply a matter of recognizing that we have options. We don't have to continue doing what we have always done and running into closed windows. Can you take your eyes off what is immediately in front of you and see the world of possibilities? My first book will help you do just that! I have been writing a book for the past several months (in truth, for about 3 years) that will be published at the beginning of the decade! Manifest Your Vision with Gratitude, Grace and Growth: Women Entrepreneur’s Guide to getting unstuck and creating the life you desire with your Vision Board Feeling Uninspired and stuck in life and business because “surviving” has gotten in the way of your dreams? Do you wish you could do more with the time and opportunities around you? Transform your life with simple steps laid out in this book. Create a beautiful Vision Board that represents all you want out of life Develop habits that will help you realize your Vision Get excited about your Business again Use your time effectively to stay more connected to your favorite people Jump out of bed every morning excited about the life you are creating. I promise that once you create your Vision Board and begin the process of working toward your Vision, not only will you be more motivated to make significant changes in your routines, you will transform your life and the lives of your family and community because of your Vision. NOW is the time to create the life you want to live, by using a Vision Board and the tools in this book to help you focus on your dreams. Don’t wait one more minute to be all that you were created to be.

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