A Word On Grace

Shannon Carlton

Here’s the thing. I surround myself with amazing people. People doing really cool stuff, who are staying positive amidst the craziness of the world right now. I practice gratitude daily, I fill my mind and heart with educational podcasts, positive music, prayer, kindness…..all of it. AND I have days where I struggle mightily with fear and overwhelm. With sadness and confusion. It is in those days I have to remember that those negative emotions are part of the human condition. That is part of my journey and THAT IS OKAY! It is okay to not be okay. It is ok to struggle with staying positive and grateful, and you are not alone in that.

​Let someone know. Reach out and say “Hey, I’m struggling right now. I don’t really want you to tell me everything is going to work out for my good. I just want you to acknowledge that this is how I am feeling right now and that it is ok.”

​Cry it out.

​Give yourself grace in this place that you find yourself. You won’t be here forever and it does suck, don’t bury it or gloss over it, because if you do, it will arise later and you will take out your frustration and anger on someone you love or yourself. 

It’s okay to go back to bed for awhile. It’s okay to lay around and watch a movie. Give yourself the grace and time you need to be uncomfortable and miserable. If you find you are there for too long, please find a great therapist (It's amazing what talking to a paid professional can do for you).

I know you put on a good face for those around you. I know you smile when you want to cry. I just want you to know you’re not alone and it’s totally normal and ok to feel a bit not okay, or maybe a lot not okay.

Giving yourself grace means that you allow yourself to wallow a little. To complain a little, to feel tired and overwhelmed and allow yourself to process what you are moving through. The cool thing about your vision board is that you know what you are moving toward, so you know you will not wallow for long but that you can take the time you need to recognize the suckiness of whatever mess in which you find yourself. Breathe, love yourself and your journey. The good, the bad, and the grace!