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    A Bird and a Book

    How often are we like that bird? Doing what we have always done and staying stuck where we have always been because of fear, because all we see is what is right in front of us, instead of all the possibilities?

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    Gratitude Practice

    By focusing on what we are thankful for each day, it makes us more receptive to the goodness that life has for us. Beginning your day being thankful brings a different attitude with you throughout the day. It can eventually help you see good even in the most dire circumstances.

    What It Takes to Actually Believe in Yourself

    Today I want you to suspend all unbelief! The unbeliefs that you hold on to that you can’t do it, you can’t afford it, you’re not good enough, you are too busy to…………., you are too tired to……….., maybe next year, it just isn’t going to happen for me. All of those are unbeliefs we hold on to. What would happen if we suspended all unbelief just for today?

    What Strategies Can An Entrepreneur Learn From A Trapeze Artist?

    It’s inevitable that as entrepreneurs, we will fall. If we try anything new, in our business, we are going to fall. Maybe not fall from the sky, like the trapeze artists, or in front of hundreds of people but we will fall!

    45 Things to Share for My 45th Birthday

    Today, Friday the 13th, I turn 45! I have a tradition of sharing lessons learned in my birthday posts these past five years, so in the grand tradition, here you go!

    A "Ruff" Journey: How Patience and Persistence Affect Every Aspect of Our Lives

    Do you see where I’m going with this? Any type of relationship we want to thrive has to be nurtured, it needs our loving, consistent attention. So does our business.

    True Confessions of a Talentless Horticulurist

    I did it. I confess. I took a thriving, healthy little basil that was gifted to me and I killed it.

    Dare to Dream: What Did You Want to Be When You Were Little?

     It costs you nothing to dream big. It costs you nothing to use your imagination. There are still NO limits on your imagination, just give yourself the space and energy to let it run wild. Let yourself run away with it. Have fun!

    Do Something Different

    As we begin to settle in to our new normal, are you seeing patterns you want to change? Are you dreaming about things you want to do, be, have, and create? Is there one thing you can DO DIFFERENTLY today that will move you toward your goals?


    Shannon Carlton believes in the power of Vision Boards, stories and the power of setting goals and creating habits that will get you closer to your goal.