Collaboration is Key!

Shannon Carlton

We are in a whole new world. A different way of doing things. Some days, it feels as though we will never go back to “normal”. So what does that mean for your business? It means you have to pivot, to make changes to the way you do things. Even if you have had more business because of the whole world-stopping-on-a-dime-in-March-and-nothing-has-felt-normal- since, I’m sure you’ve still had to learn to do things differently.​

And because of this whole new version of the world, relationships look different these days, don’t they? We no longer meet in person to share our business, and thus we have to look for different ways to connect. I think this gives us a great opportunity to collaborate. We must learn to go beyond networking and start to consider how we can partner with other businesses that have similar audiences and work to build something together. The Vision Board Workshop I did recently is an example of this type of collaboration. We want to continue to serve and educate our audience and we can do that by training together or doing a joint meeting/session. I have two other friends who decided to start a youtube channel together. They are both moms, both serve small businesses, and through their joint efforts, they are able to bring value to what each of them is offering separately.

​Consider who you serve. Who else serves that same audience and how can you create something together that perhaps you couldn’t create on your own. Now you have the chance to do something different. Something new. Something fresh!​

Here are 5 ways to brainstorm an amazing collaboration project:

  • Who do you love online or in person who serves a similar audience? (I am planning another book launch as a collaboration project with 6 other authors I found online through amazon. Wala! I “met” new people and we are working on a project together to grow our audiences organically)
  • How can you uniquely position your services to match the other collaborators? Meaning, what exactly is each person bringing into the collaboration?
  • Who is doing the heavy lifting? Whatever the project is it likely will need to be marketed, organized, structured to make sense. Consider who will do each piece of the project.
  • Just get started. It will not be perfect, it might not even be great. So be willing to jump in, learn to swim after you jump in! Make sure after that first collaborative effort you set up a time to have a debrief so you can learn what went well and what lessons you learned to change a process or improve on what went great.
  • Your network has now expanded to anyone,anywhere. You have an opportunity to work with people all over the country!

If you are still trying to work out what you want your life/business to look like, I would love to collaborate with you on creating the perfect Vision Board that helps you imagine what your ideal life looks like.