Dare to Dream: What Did You Want to Be When You Were Little

Shannon Carlton

Summer 1986: the movie Top Gun came out. My Dad was a huge fan of fighter jets, so we went to see it on our family vacation, and I fell in love with all things fighter jets. I decided that year I was going to be a pilot. I was 11 years old and I was invincible, and I could be anything I wanted to be. And I was going to be a pilot. That same year we visited MacDill Air Force Base and I spoke with an airforce pilot to learn more about what I had to do to become a jet pilot myself. Not even a year later and it was determined that I have depth perception problems because I was nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other eye. Then I was a teen and realized I didn’t look cute in a jumpsuit. So, I gave up on that dream (still love Top Gun, though;))

​When we are little, we don’t limit our imaginations to the mundane. We can create entire worlds in our heads that we play out with our friends on a summer afternoon. Suddenly boards nailed on a tree take on “rooms” in a tree house. The first floor becomes the kitchen and mud becomes food and life is so colorful and full of possibilities. At my house, we turned a huge rope swing in the backyard into a rocket in which we became fighter pilots taking on the Russian enemy (I grew up in the 80s). We don’t lose that ability as we age, we just forget we have it. We forget to use our imaginations because we have bills to pay and families to help succeed. We have businesses to grow and people to see. We forget to exercise the very important muscle that is our imagination. Everything starts as a thought. Think of all the crazy movies we watch (Avengers comes to mind) that came from the imagination of ordinary people. It is mind blowing what comes from using our imaginations. We are powerful, creative entities. But to reach our full potential, we have to use our imagination.

​I don’t know about you, but this year it has been tough for me to dream. Tough to get excited about my vision because everything seems to be in chaos. But let’s get back to using our imagination. What did you want to be when you were little? Did you dream about it, play it out, doubt at all that it would come to pass? Do that again. We have tools now, as grown ups (ugh), to dream. We can create vision boards. We can write down a blueprint of what our dreams look like, we can paint a canvas, we can find all kinds of picturess on Pintrest that help feed our dreams. It costs you nothing to dream big. It costs you nothing to use your imagination. There are still NO limits on your imagination, just give yourself the space and energy to let it run wild. Let yourself run away with it. Have fun!

​I sincerely care for you all and want to join you on your imagination journey! On July 23rd I will be hosting a virtual Vision Board Retreat. Sign up and come let your imagination run wild with us!