Do Something Different

Shannon Carlton

I know this sounds crazy, but I’m a bit shy. Okay, maybe not shy, but I am hesitant to go places by myself. I would much rather be with my people. And actually I would much rather be with people I love at my house with my hair in a hat, my fat pants on, and a glass of wine in hand. There I said it.

​So, last week I was going from my office to meet a friend for a drink and he got delayed, didn’t know if he could make it. Normally, I would have gone home and put on said fat pants and gotten some work done while I Netflixed but I thought what the heck, I’m going to go alone. So, I went and sat at the bar (socially distanced) and started chatting with the ladies who were a couple of seats down from me. 30 minutes later and I had three new friends. I had such a wonderful night getting to know these ladies! It was the highlight of my week. And I now have a bigger tribe of friends to go places with (when it’s safe, of course).

​The experience reminded me of a podcast I listened to several months ago during which the host and guest were talking about Doing Something Different (DSD). We have to DSD to gain experiences, learn new things, make new friends, etc. It’s scary to DSD. Our default is to keep the same patterns, be with the same people, have the same conversations. It's easiest to stay within our comfort zone because we don't have to think about what we're doing, it just happens.

But 2020 has been nuts!! The drastic changes to our daily lives have forced all of us to DSD. There are whole industries that have had to DSD. Small businesses have had to find a way to DSD.We have had change our appearance by wearing masks. We have had to find new ways to communicate. We have had to find new ways to connect. This year has been all about DSD.

​Maybe this year has shaken you up a bit (if it hasn’t, I can only assume you're not human). As we begin to settle in to our new normal, are you seeing patterns you want to change? Are you dreaming about things you want to do, be, have, and create? Is there one thing you can DO DIFFERENTLY today that will move you toward your goals? Remind yourself DSD and go for it. You will get immediate feedback and be perfectly prepared for the next opportunity to DSD!