A "Ruff" Journey: How Patience and Persistence Affect Every Aspect of Our Lives

Shannon Carlton

A new puppy will go a long way in teaching you patience and persistence. We adopted Tinker 2 weeks ago from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. The girls had been after me for months to get a dog and I kept resisting but then Abby showed me Tinker on the website and I knew she was ours. So, we waited in line for 6 hours (social distancing) and we brought our girl home. The first 3 days were so easy. She was calm, she was subdued, pottied outside, snuggly. The perfect pup. Day 3……...well, she settled in and began to make her presence known. She chews everything not nailed down. She LOVES pillows. She pees on my new rugs and hates her crate so far. 

Ah yes a puppy! A puppy who needs to be trained and loved and introduced to all kinds of new scenarios. A creature dependent upon me for her life. I signed up for this! I went and got the pup, paid for her adoption, bought all the pretty accessories, and brought her home. And we are totally in love! 

Tink is teaching us patience, persistence, and consistency, because we all have to be on the same page in order to train her properly and have a well behaved pup that we all want to be around.

To be good parents we have to get up early (well, I mean you know I’m up before dawn anyway), take her for walks, let her outside before she pees on my rugs, feed her, train her. All wonderful things that take effort, patience, and persistence. We can’t just tell her once to sit. We have to say it over and over until she gets it. We can’t expect her to know how to let us know when she needs to potty so we have to be vigilant in our efforts.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Any type of relationship we want to thrive has to be nurtured, it needs our loving, consistent attention. So does our business. It’s the day to day practices and training that seem tedious at the time that will produce wonderful results over time. The time is now, while we are still not fully back to normal, that we need to put those practices in place to get the business and relationships we so desire. Remember that you signed up for this! You went and waited in line to get exactly what you have. Now you have to nurture it and consistently put practices into place that will ensure you have a thriving business or relationship.