Fourth Quarter!

Shannon Carlton

Ya’ll, we have almost survived 2020. We are in the last quarter of this year. Typically this is the time of year when we rally and try to make sure we reach our goals. But those goals you set at the beginning of the year have likely changed somewhat (or maybe a whole lot!). So, what can we do in this last quarter of 2020 to set ourselves up for a successful 2021?

Your goals have shifted, your outlook has changed, your ideals are different, and all of that is normal and actually probably great (even though you might not see it now)! The word I keep running into is Uncomplicated. Let’s uncomplicate our lives and business this last quarter of THE 2020 (which will go down in history as a breathtaking reminder that life can literally stop on a dime).

Uncomplicating our lives and our business means we can curate what we want our life/business to look like and set our plans in motion in a much more intentional way. By focusing on what we want our lives to look like using Vision Boards we let go of opportunities we know will not serve us. We set up our business to look the way we want it to look, not how the rest of the world wants it to look. Do you know that you have control of how your business operates. It’s not your clients. The way you serve them the best is knowing exactly what you can provide for them. These last 4 years I have been involved in creating life Vision Boards, helping people focus on what is most important for each part of their lives. For instance, I recently helped a professional create his Vision Board. A couple of weeks later he was approached with a great financial opportunity and a way to get into the C suite. After creating and reflecting on his Vision Board, he realized that what was most important to him was his autonomy and spending time with his kids and loved ones. He knew that C Suite didn’t fit in with his Vision, making it easy for him to say no to the opportunity knowing he was being true to the life he wanted to create.

This year, I am working on getting more specific on the Vision Board, which will help you in this last Q of 2020. As you are working to tidy things up this year and thinking about what 2021 will look like, I hope you will consider making a business vision board. Once you have created this Vision Board is when you begin to plan your business with systems, habits and a template to grow your FUEL (Fulfilling, Uncomplicated, Exciting, Lucrative) filled business!

To help you get started, here are the 4 quadrants of your Business Vision Board:

  • Client Vision - what does your ideal client look like? What do they do, what do they read, listen to, care about, worry about, dream about?
  • Service Vision - how do you serve your client? Products, services, classes, speeches, coaching, podcasts, books, etc.
  • Wealth Vision - how many income streams do you want, how are you growing/spending your wealth, how is your wealth growing?
  • Life Vision - what does your life look like? Are you working from an exotic location, from home, are you surrounded by kids or by friends or a spouse, are you reading at night or burning the midnight oil and sleeping in, do you get up and workout or take off at noon for lunch and a workout?

By setting the intention, you are now able to create habits and systems that will feed your dream business! Let’s get take this dream building business to a new level! Let’s get excited about establishing habits and systems so our life and business gets more fulfilling, less complicated, more exciting, and definitely more lucrative!

Can’t wait for a retreat? You can get started now! Get your friends together, get some magazines, and a couple of bottles of wine and get after it.