Waiting for Your Bloom

Shannon Carlton

There are 3 crepe myrtle trees in my backyard. Most of the year they are kind of dull, covered in lots of moss and barren in the winter. In the summer though…..wow! The trees all over my neighborhood burst with colors. Pink, purple, white, and red. All of them but mine. Ugh, the trees in my backyard stayed dull. Full of moss, lacking color. I was so frustrated that everyone else’s trees were blossoming like crazy and mine sat void of life. Then it happened one morning, I let my Tink outside to do her business and I saw a bloom. YAY! I thought maybe my trees didn’t hate me. Maybe they were still salvageable. Then it seemed I was only going to have a few blooms. Days went by and my trees still looked sad in comparison to everyone else’s around me. I guessed dull trees were just my fate.

​Then overnight it seemed all 3 of my crepe myrtles were full of bloom. So full, in fact they were lower to the ground, so heavy with bloom. They were gorgeous! They took longer than most. They definitely took longer than everyone else around me. They looked sad and I seriously wondered if I would ever see them bloom again.

​Ugh….how many times on our journey do we look at everyone else’s blooms and wonder why we aren’t blooming. What have we done wrong. It will always look this bleak, I must be a terrible (fill in your blank here). But alas, if we just wait. Wait for our bloom and appreciate everyone else’s, not get jealous of it. And know that in time, in our own time we will bloom too. With so many blossoms that it drags the ground and spreads all over. Your bloom is coming, dear reader. It won’t be when everyone else gets theirs but it is coming.

​In the meantime be sure to appreciate the blooms all around you, take care of yourself and do the work. Always do the work you need to do on yourself and stay with it. Appreciate what you do have and the progress you see along the way. And in time, in your own time you will see the blooms from the seeds you planted long ago and along the way.

​Create your Vision Board. See it in your minds eye and don’t forget the beauty that is coming!