What It Takes to Actually Believe in Yourself 

Shannon Carlton

There is power in living in the moment and being present with your current situation. Most of what happens to us, happens first in our heads. We create the reality in which we live. We choose how we see each circumstance in our life. We do NOT choose the circumstance. Sometimes that circumstance has been thrust on us, but we CAN choose our reaction to that circumstance. So, just for today I want you to suspend all unbelief! The unbeliefs that you hold on to that you can’t do it, you can’t afford it, you’re not good enough, you are too busy to…………., you are too tired to……….., maybe next year, it just isn’t going to happen for me. All of those are unbeliefs we hold on to. What would happen if we suspended all unbelief just for today? I had an epiphany in the shower this morning (“shower thoughts”, anyone else get these?) that I could choose just for today to suspend unbelief. Notice the language I use, suspend. Not stop, suspend! I don’t have to always hold on to faith, I can pick all my unbeliefs back up tomorrow, if I so choose. Just for today I can have faith in my purpose, my energy, my current situation, my finances. I can have faith that ALL things are working for good of others and myself. Think of your unbelief like a backpack. You have all this stuff in that backpack, stuff that you have counted on to help guide you on your current journey, sometimes the weight of the backpack is too heavy but usually you don’t even notice it because it’s always been on your back. Now imagine that you are going on a hike with this backpack. You are utterly convinced that you need everything in that backpack to keep you company and help you, but what if you have to climb to the top of a mountain and that backpack is going to weigh you down, it’s going to make that journey fairly difficult, if not impossible. You can make the choice to put the backpack down so you can climb to the top. You can come back and get it if you want to, but just for this particular climb, you can make the choice to put it down and not pick it back up until you get to the top of the mountain. It will absolutely be there waiting for you when you return, if you want it back. So the idea is that you get to put it down just for this one climb. Whenever a thought of unbelief in myself and my purpose pops into my head, I am choosing to replace that with a thought of utter faith that what I am believing for will happen. Just for today. When we are starting on a new habit or thought pattern, we want to hold on to that old pattern, our brains desperately want to get back in balance with our old thoughts because that is what is comfortable for us, but what if we change that thought just for today so it is not overwhelming for our brains. Let me help you suspend your unbelief at our Vision Board Retreat or with one-to-one accountability. You have so much greatness to share and I want to help you grow toward your vision!

30 Minute call with Shannon